2016 Finishes

2016 Finishes

I’ve had a few small finishes this year, this is two of them. “Thanks for all the Fish” and “Love is all you need”. I framed them both myself, though I only washed the first as I didn’t have time to wash “Love…” as I wanted to have it on display at the market the day after I finished it.


I finished this on May 7. It was loads of fun to stitch. I love Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy and had just rewatched the movie, and I’ve started reading “The Ultimate Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy” which is the 5 novels in one. It turns out one of my bosses is a huge Hitchikers fan, so I’ll be stitching up something Hitchhikers themed for his Christmas present this year (probably…).


The pattern for this stitch is available in my etsy shop here and is part of an Alphabet series. I’ll do a pattern for each letter of the alphabet with the starting letter in a fancy style followed by a quote. I also have H done, which can be found here and is the quote “Home is where the heart is”.

I love the colours in this one, and really want to restitch it on black aida.

I finished this one at the end of May.

What are some of your recent finishes?

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