About Me

I’ve always loved to create. As a child I loved to make fairy homes during recess and lunch. Later I dabbled in art (but unfortunately didn’t stick to it!). As a young teenager I discovered cross stitch – albeit briefly – and then came the world of graphic and web design when we got out first computer, as well as role play and creative writing. Then there was photography, and crocheting, and sewing and – you get the picture.

Handmade Wombat has had several incarnations over the past few years, but the current is definitely my favourite. We now focus on cross stitch and general needle work supplies. As well as in house patterns and kits, we stock a range of patterns from different designers – including Soda Stitch (we are the only official retailer in Australia).

This about page wouldn’t be complete without a mention of my beautiful cat Deltora, who is essentially the director of Handmade Wombat as she’s got me tied around her tail in a bow. I hope to one day adopt another cat to keep her company, who I will name Quest. I hope some of you can understand why that’s such a kick ;]


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